Michael BonneauMichael Bonneau and Luis Mas, principles of Bonneau & Mas, bring 30 plus year’s experience practicing vocational forensics and providing services to attorneys, litigants and the courts with an emphasis on employability, earning capacity or loss of earning capacity and employment opportunities or labor market access.

Bonneau and Mas built their vocational expert experience on a background of providing vocational rehabilitation services within the California workers compensation system including job analysis, vocational counseling, return to work planning and placement. Dr. Mas offers bilingual Spanish/English services.

LuisMasWebBoth Bonneau and Mas have established practices as leading vocational expert providing vocational consulting services in areas of family law, personal injury, workers compensation, employment discrimination, disability management, wrongful termination defense, medical malpractice and Social Security.

Bonneau and Mas have been qualified as expert witnesses in court testimony in California (Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Marin Counties), Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, and Illinois.