Vocational Assessments

Assessment interview, determination of existing skills, future career goals

Job Analysis

Detailed description of task performed, physical functions and workplace modifications

Transferable Skill Assessment

Computerized assessment of employment options, wages using the McCroskey Job Person Matching System which has documented validity and reliability data


Assessment of general learning ability, academic achievement, aptitudes, interests, personal preferences and dexterity used in determining appropriateness of vocational choice and ability to benefit from training

Job Opportunity Research

Research of the local labor market addressing job availability, consistency of candidate’s background to the opportunity available, education and wages

Career Plan Development & Management

Development of customize return to work plan utilizing multiple avenues such as direct job placement, education or retraining and self-employment coaching to achieve successful completion of the vocational plan

Resume Development

To differentiate oneself from other applicants in a competitive marketplace, a professional resume is crafted outlining background, experience and accomplishments

Job Search Skills

Coaching and instruction in techniques to research jobs, schedule and shine during interviews, negotiate a compensation package and follow-up until a job is secured

Job Placement

Structured assistance in implementing and carrying out a job search campaign